A Humanoid species from the backwater planet Xenex.


Xenexian women reach the peak of their fertile cycle once every three months.


Xenexians are known for their unashamedly casual approach to violence. Typically, violent conduct is only condemned if it coincides with a lack of sense or judgement. No-one will blink if a man throws a fist, but if he aims at a stronger man with a particularly poor temper, his conduct is considered shameful. Fortunately, the consequences are inherent in the act, so onlookers need do nothing but turn aside disgustedly. In most Xenexian taverns, bladed weapons are hung upon the wall as a convenience for drunken customers. The reasoning, typically Xenexian, is that those too drunk to fight, but who try and do so anyway, are too stupid to live. Duels with such individuals should therefore be encouraged, as a convenient means of ensuring they won’t cause mischief in future. Life is cheap on Xenex, but personal responsibility valued highly. If a Xenexian dies violently, it’ll more often be considered his own fault than that of his killer.


Grozit: An all-purpose swear word.

Janos: "Great Strength".

R'ksha: A rank, equivalent to Captain.

A common Xenexian profanity is “t’han chips”, which refers to the faecal products of a t’han. It can be used as a synonym for “nonsense”.

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