Possibly the most important artefact in the Skorr culture. The Soul is a unique and apparently extra-dimensional object, attuned to the lineage of historic leader Alar. It’s capable of storing memory engrams in an artificial databank, and serves as a flawless repository of personal experience. Any Skorr claiming descent from Alar is capable of depositing their memories into it, once they’ve achieved the necessary state of mind. In contrast, supposedly only the High King can retrieve the memories stored here. It’s therefore accepted that only he knows the origins of the device, since they’re recorded only in the memories of Alar, otherwise lost to time. There are speculations of course, ranging from the relatively mundane (the Soul is an alien artefact found by Alar) to the outlandish (it’s a gift from the ancient gods themselves). In any case, the Soul preserves the collected knowledge of the royal lineage, and also serves, according to Skorr religion, to protect the people. How exactly it does so is unclear, but within Skorr society it’s believed beyond all other things. To most spiritual groups and individual believers, this device is truly considered the soul of all that the Skorr are as a people. Replicas are on display across the Skorr Hierarchy; the actual artefact is so valued, only the High King and a handful of attendant priests know its location. One particular replica rests in the outstretched hands of the Statue of Alar, located in one of the most sacred places in Skorr culture; the great Temple of the Sky at Mozna Amar.

The true Soul of Skorr is a knot of material that’s been identified as indurite. Even to this day, no Skorr scientist or priest truly understands how it works. They only know that it does. It’s been speculated by Federation scientists that the Soul may work in a similar fashion to the Vulcan Katric arc, but naturally the artefact is out of bounds to researchers.

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