The fifth planet in the Beta Rigel system, and a member of the United Federation of Planets. Rigel V is known for its contributions to medical science, and its state-of-the-art hospital ships. Its educational facilities are greatly respected too, and it is known as the most socially advanced of the system’s planets, lacking the unusually high crime rates and occasional seediness of the other Rigel worlds.


Gravity: 1.2 g.

Orbital Period: 1,220 days.

Rotational Period: 29.4 hours.


The equatorial tree-vine jungles are nearly impenetrable. Tree-vines are single plants which cover up to several hundred square kilometres. Their slender stalks can grow up to 25 meters tall, and are connected by vine-like extensions. Tree-vine jungles abound with numerous species of animal, but few other plants, besides those living as parasites on the tree-vine itself. These jungles are extremely dense, and though they have been scanned with sensors, several have yet to be explored.

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