A pelagic planet in the Alpha Quadrant, a member of the United Federation of Planets. It is home to a race popularly known as "Selkies".


Pacifica’s land area amounts to about a third of Earth’s, the bulk of it divided among several hundred islands. The biggest of these is a little larger than Greenland. While the Selkies have long welcomed offworlders to the pristine beaches of the smaller islands, most of the larger land masses are restricted. They are the habitat of younger Selkies still in the amphibious stage of their life cycles.

Fauna and FloraEdit

Flora native to the equatorial islands include the labano, which produces a purple fruit, and the flowering bohalla bushes, which sport waxy lavender buds. Giant ferns and surprisingly large trees are also found here, as are a unique family of low-growing flower. Massive yellow plants with succulent leaves, they spread rapidly across the ground, clinging close to the soil. Their pistil, however, sprouts straight up, reaching heights of over ten metres. The pistils are brightly coloured, with the most common species boasting flaming burgundy.

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