An inhabited planet home to the Orishans, charted by the U.S.S Titan in 2380. Also known as Elysia Incendae II, it is an M-class planet with a variant oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere. Its gravity is measured at 5.1 on the Federation standard scale.


Orisha orbits Elysia Incendae, a Class-G stellar body, at 142.6 million kilometres. Though it has no moons, the two larger gas giants orbiting at the mid and outermost regions of the system serve to protect their smaller sibling from meteor strikes. This has allowed life to thrive there over the last several billion years.


Orisha is a lush world, composed of four continents and an H20 ocean covering three-fifths of the planet’s surface. The atmosphere is rich with ambient water, the landmasses thick with vegetation and teeming with a multitude of animal and insect forms.


Current Orishan technology is approximately that of 23rd-century Earth, or 15th-century Bajor. It includes etheric communications, and multiple variant technologies used to manipulate energy fields. All Orishan communications, including entertainment and government transmissions, are oriented around their perception of the wishes of Erykon.

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