An aggressive Humanoid race from Nausicaa.

Nausicaans are a violent culture, relying on brute force and strength to take what they want. They typically look for any opportunity or reason to pick a fight, and commonly resort to taunting or bullying, to force others to meet them on their terms. Most Nausicaans seem to revel in this behaviour, which makes for a stereotypical reaction when mentioning the species’ name.


One tradition of note concerns the Great Silver Plain, on planet Nausicaa's northern pole. Nausicaans who seek enlightenment traditionally take a pilgrimage across the Great Silver Plain, a journey of 300 miles. They are not permitted to carry ranged weapons of any kind. No Nausicaan may attack or fight another on the Plain, but neither can they help each other, or provide even basic aid. Survival in this harsh environment is said to bring understanding...or madness.


Nausicaan civilization has reduced many species on Nausicaa to shadows of their former selves. The planet's climate is irrevocably affected by heavy industrial pollution. Because of the anarchic nature of the populace, combined with exploitation of resources during their initial infrastructure build-up, Nausicaa bears the permanent scars of total ecological disaster. Rain is often acidic and dangerous; the atmosphere difficult to breathe. Thousands of native life forms became extinct in the course of a century.

The tradition of Nausicaan piracy became established in the 22nd century due to a man named Ts'og'tall. A warrior chieftain on Nausicaa, he began raiding ships in Nausicaan orbit after acquiring technology and spacecraft beyond his people's current technological level. The swell of warriors that rushed to his ranks only furthered his growing reputation and from there he turned his attention to the space lanes. Ts’og’tall’s first targets were small mining and trade vessels surrounding Beta Rigel but the value of Rigel itself as a base to offload spoils soon required that he turn to other routes.

Through much of the 22nd and 23rd centuries, Nausicaan piracy was an ongoing concern. By the end of the 2280s, though, Starfleet had had enough. Nausicaa was presented with an ultimatum; either reign in its pirates, or be considered directly responsible and pay the price. The Nausicaans, knowing when they were dominant and when they were dominated themselves, accepted the terms. In the years since, Nausicaan traders have taken up the same roles as the prey they once followed. Those Nausicaans who couldn’t stand a peaceful life - of which there are many - hire themselves out as muscle, doing what they do best across the galaxy. Today, any less reputable port likely has a contingent of Nausicaans aboard, and they remain dangerous if not handled correctly.

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