A Humanoid species native to Nalor, founders of the Nalori Republic, an interstellar nation also incorporating four other species, among them Cabbi and Osina.


Nalori skin is dark in colour, ranging from medium ash-grey to charcoal.


When a Nalori dies, his or her Mazza (equivalent to "soul" or "life-energy") must be commended to the Endless Wind. This is done by a recognized authority figure, who announces its arrival to the Shigemos, or keepers of the dead.


Sanuul: Literally, “curse-lifter”.

Vixpril: A food, considered by most Nalori to be a delicacy.


The region of space controlled by the Nalori stood between the Federation and exploration of Sector 969. In the 2360s, Starfleet Command considered having the U.S.S Enterprise-D map the sector, but ultimately decided against it. The Nalori wouldn’t permit a Starfleet vessel safe passage through their space, and going around would add several months to the journey.

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