A Malon male.

A spacefaring race from the Delta Quadrant.

Malon political institutions are weak, and their society is instead dominated by large corporate enterprises, almost all of them devoted to inventing or exploiting advanced technology. These corporate entities develop the land upon which Malon cities are built, supply all the necessities of life at a profit, and build and maintain all of the Malon’s offworld outposts.


Malon are stout Humanoids with skin of a yellow-green tint.

The Malon nose bifurcates just above the nostrils, which are angled outward by about 30°. Bony ridges form an oval depression in the centre of the forehead; two smaller ridges extend laterally above each eye.


Malons are on the whole a gruff people, somewhat blunt in manner. Not the most sociable of races, they don’t like others interfering with their affairs, and will defend their selfish interests ruthlessly. Nor do they particularly care for trying to understand an issue from someone else’s viewpoint. Malons in leadership positions are prickly, and are liable to interpret even well-meaning suggestions from subordinates as a challenge.


Malon vessels do not come equipped with viewscreens. The Malons never developed the appropriate technology, not having felt the need to provide themselves with image translations of sensor data. They generally prefer the readings provided by computers and scanning equipment. Indeed, the first Malon to set foot on a vessel of alien design was surprised to see they had viewscreens, and believed it to be an extravagance.

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