A minor spacefaring race native to the planet Taredin. Mabrae are distinguished by their close symbiotic relationship with plants, which grow over and about their bodies.


Mabrae body plants are specialized to fit the occupations and social roles of their hosts. Some are functional; labourers for example have abundant leaf-like pockets for holding tools and equipment, while desert-dwellers have broad sunshades on their heads and fleshy succulents for water retention. Professional athletes wear very little covering to facilitate movement. The politicians and diplomats, by contrast, bloom with colourful flowers of countless personalized types.


Mabrae are somewhat territorial:

"They’ve always lived so close to nature, to the plants and the soil they grow in, that they literally feel like a part of it. Their land isn’t just where they live, it’s an extension of who they are. And since they’ve always depended on it to survive, they’ve always been suspicious of rival populations, because they could invade their home soil, steal its nutrients and water. In other words...they have very deep roots."

Settlements and IndustryEdit

Although they do use refined metals, at least where such materials work best, much of the Mabrae’s technology is plant-based. It’s typically built of strong and adaptable resins, rubbers, and plastics, if not actual wood. Their homes are interwoven with living trees, or coated throughout the interior with vines. Some of these “houseplants” are specialized to provide fruits and vegetables; others grow large, spongy leaves for seating. Still others provide the equivalent of plumbing and sanitation. The Mabrae sleep in what are essentially beds of mulch

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