An Andorian warship design in use during the mid-22nd century


Length: 360 metres.

Beam: 183 metres.

Height: 52 metres.

Mass: 80,000 metric tons.

Crew: 86.

Cruising Speed: Warp 5.5.

Maximum Speed: Warp 5.9.


One of the technological innovations contributing to the high performance of the ship’s warp drive was the utilization of advanced antimatter injectors with variable compression nozzles. In 2153, knowledge of this of “sophisticated piece of technology” was still considered to be “rather sensitive information”.

The defensive systems utilized by the Kumari battle cruiser included a formidable array of particle cannons. These were composed of multiple forward cannon emplacements, port and starboard wing emitters, and several ventral and dorsal emitters. They were capable of firing in 180 degree arcs. The ships were also equipped with 3 photonic torpedo launchers. Weapons fired blue, the colour of Andorian blood. The Kumari also utilized deflector shields, an advanced technology for the time. Nevertheless, the class was somewhat susceptible to attacks directed towards the shield generator. This was located distantly from the vessel’s power grid, leaving it particularly vulnerable to damage, and rendering it slow to adapt in battle. Like Vulcan ships of the era, Kumari-class cruisers were also fitted with tractor beam emitters. These fired green.


Located on deck one was the vessel’s bridge. This could be operated with a minimum of five crewmen, including the commander. The bridge directly supervised all primary mission operations, and coordinated departmental activities. Its design was not unlike the layout of its counterparts aboard Earth and Klingon vessels of the era, or the Federation starships of later centuries. The most significant difference was the placement of the wall consoles, which faced away from the captain rather than towards him. The layout consisted of an inverted “half-moon”-shaped viewscreen located on the forward bulkhead, directly in front of the ship’s combined helm and navigation console. In the centre of the bridge was the captain’s chair, with two large convex dishes on either side. A semi-circle of four station consoles, each with its own stool, surrounded the chair, one each to port and starboard, and two near the aft. All four consoles were attached to support columns, which braced the bridge’s vaulted ceiling. Along the rear bulkhead were several display monitors. These separated the entry to the captain’s ready room on the port side from the bridge’s own entryway on starboard. Between the two doorways there hung a representation of the standardized Andorian emblem.

The ready room was located adjacent to the bridge, and provided the commanding officer with a private office in which to conduct business. A large viewscreen was located on the bulkhead opposite the entryway, with the commander’s desk situated between them. Behind the desk was a shelving display that contained the officer’s personal effects.

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