A male Klingon, a famed sculptor living in the 24th century.

In his youth, J’lang served as an apprentice to the great sculptor Dolmorr, one of many boys to receive the honour. A promising student, J’lang could also show ineptitude with the equipment. In one infamous blunder, he accidentally activated a welder while it was facing his arm, resulting in major burns to his forearm and wrist. In later life, J’lang would claim that the pain was greater than any he’d thought it possible to feel. Decades after the event, he still sometimes felt phantoms of that pain when he closed his eyes.

In 2376, newly installed Chancellor Martok commissioned J’lang to construct an official Dominion War Memorial, which was to stand on the smallest continent of Narendra III. The idea was to honour those who died defending the empire during the recently concluded Dominion War. What Martok specifically requested, though, was that the monument honour not just the Klingon dead, but all those who died in service against Dominion aggression. Therefore, J’lang was instructed to build something featuring not only the Klingon Defence Force, but Starfleet and the Romulan military alongside. He eventually decided to take the idea one step further; the memorial would consist of representations of ship captains from each of the three forces. Further, each of the three statues would be constructed in a stone from the capital planet of its captain’s nation. As J’lang began work, the Federation element quickly proved the most problematic. He’d settled for a male Human Starfleet captain, but couldn’t decide what pose to put him in. For the Klingon, he’d chosen a classic warrior’s pose, standing upright while hoisting a bat’leth over his head. The Romulan would stand in a slight crouch and aim her disruptor forward (and if that made the Romulan stand a bit shorter than the Klingon or the Human, J’lang had no problem with that, and doubted the chancellor would either). For a great time, though, he was uncertain as to how the Human should be presented. He considered having the captain simply stand there with his arms on his hips. J’lang privately thought it would be appropriate, being of the opinion that “standing around looking foolish” is what Humans do best.

In late 2380, J’lang received the commission to sculpt a representation of Klag, Son of M’Raq. The captain was depicted standing with one arm raised, holding the mek’leth he’d used to slay the dishonourable General Talak on San-Tarah.

Councillor Kopek was an admirer, displaying a J'lang sculpture in his office. Specifically, he owned a representation of mythic hero Aktuh embracing his lover Melota. The piece sat on his desk, one of many lavish art works in the Councillor’s chamber.

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