Serpent worms native to Qo'noS, regularly eaten by Klingons. In Klingon, qagh.

Preparing GaghEdit

Prior to the preparation of the dish, the worms are fed only ‘Iw puj (“diluted blood”; literally, “weak blood”). The creatures find this unappetizing, and therefore consume it only when nearly starving. The type of animal from which the blood has been taken has a great deal of influence on the eventual flavour of the qagh, and individual cooks, as well as individual eaters, have their own preferences. As the final step in preparing the dish, the worms are poured into a bowl filled with ghevI, which contains, among other ingredients, pellets of an extremely flavourful herb that the hungry worms quickly ingest. It is, however, thoroughly toxic to them and kills them within minutes. Since qagh is considered best if consumed while the worms are still alive, it is important to keep them out of the sauce until just before the dish is served. For the same reason, it is customary to eat qagh as quickly as possible. If, for some reason, the qagh cannot be consumed before they all die, the entire mixture of qagh and ghevI is saved and later heated up as a sort of stew (the general term for which is tlhIq; thus, qagh tlhIq may be translated as “qagh stew”). Although not as desirable as live qagh, this is a common way to serve leftovers.

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