A corporation based on Andoria; a long term contractor for the United Federation of Planets, as well as private groups. A’Alakon Landis is noted primarily for construction of life support equipment; both personal and group-related. These are able to function in zero-gravity environments, or those with thin atmosphere, and are tailored to a wide array of sapient species. The company was founded in 2193 by Sri’Lurix Landis of Andor. It was named after her father, A’Alakon, and was based at Divallax. Under the existing Securities and Exchange Commission, Andorian research teams joined with Human businessmen to create a company selling exclusive life-support systems to Federation interests. Landis served as company Director for its first two decades, later giving power to a clansman groomed for the role. Selling at first to commercial trading fleets and private owners, A’Alakon Landis eventually became a major contractor with Starfleet. Initially, the company suffered from a lack of decent management personnel, which combined with a lack of operating capital nearly took them into receivership five years in. These turbulent times were ultimately overcome by the firm’s high-quality standards and product performance. By the 2200s, Director Landis was confident that the worst years were behind her. By 2210, A’Alakon Landis provided Starfleet with the long-lived AL4 Multi-Species Life Support model. As of 2230, it operated four manufacturing facilities; three on Andor and one on Cygnet XIV. There were also plans for a further two, to be opened within a decade.

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