A planet, ninth in the ‘aucdet system. Located in the Bolarus Sector, it’s currently administrated by officials from the United Federation of Planets. ‘aucdet IX is M-class, bordering on O-class pelagic. From orbit it appears a deep blue, with several green-brown continents and islands barely visible through the clouds. The atmosphere is thick and high in precipitation.

Pronounced “O-det”, the ‘audet system was named by Orion scouts in the pre-Federation era. The Rigelians, long tied to Orion in financial matters, continued to use the name through to the modern age, and the Federation accepted the designation. The planet once hosted at least one Orion outpost, presumably military in function, until the collapse of the last Orion Empire. For the next few centuries ‘aucdet was ignored, save the occasional scouting team from Beta Rigel, hoping to catalogue useful plants and microbes. Isolated and unsettled, yet safe within Federation borders, ‘aucdet IX was eventually claimed by UFP authorities, selected in 2332 to host a Federation Medical Collection Station. Here, samples of various pathogens, including unclassified strains, are stored for study and safekeeping. Because of the sensitive nature of the work performed here, Starfleet personnel are present in the outpost at all times, supervised by a ranking medical trustee. On occasion, Starfleet and other ships take up orbit over the station, taking samples aboard for transfer to science facilities elsewhere. Containment protocols are obviously strict, the pathogens carried in specialized modules. Full inspection of all ship’s containment units by station personnel is required - no ship may leave ‘audet unless the ranking trustee is satisfied.

In early 2365, the starship Enterprise-D arrived at ‘aucdet IX to take up specimens of plasma plague, for transport to Science Station Tango Sierra. At the time, Lieutenant Commander Hester Dealt was in command of the Medical Collection facility. He accompanied Enterprise on the second leg of its journey, to monitor the plasma plague samples en route.

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